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Bluebill Drake Ward Brothers Crisfield, Md

  • Bluebill Drake, made by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, Md.  Made in 1948 from balsa wood.  This wood was taken from surplus life rafts after WWII.  Mostly original paint with the black on the breast enhanced and a coat of varnish added to the bottom to protect Lem's signatures.  Signed L.T. WARD-BRO  Crisfield, Md 1948 Lem Ward.  This is how Lem would sign birds that people brought to him after Steve passed in 1976.  Also signed on side, Lem Ward 10-20-78 the date he did the bottom.  Also has an old brand on the bottom, WJH

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Return Policy

Please look carefully at ALL photos of the decoys.  We try very hard to describe accurately the physical appearance (including any blemishes) of the decoys we sell.  Still, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase after you receive it, you may return it for a full refund (less fees if you paid by credit card) as long as the decoy is returned within two weeks in the same condition that it was in when shipped to you. You are responsible for shipping costs for returns.

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